Kiwi Comparison

So I really suck at blogging.  Sorry!  I’m just not a writer.  I promise I won’t talk about horses this time (even though I haven’t been doing much else!) but instead talk about some differences between New Zealand and the US.




  • They drive on the other side of the road (in case you didn’t already know this).
  • They don’t have stop signs (or very many stop lights).  They have “Give Way” signs.  They are an upside down triangle.
  • The roads are pretty much all windy country roads.  There is some main “highways”, but they don’t have big 4 lane roads or anything like we have.
  • The birds don’t really get out of the way quickly when you drive by.  We almost had a hawk go through our windshield.
  • The bridges on most of the country roads are one lane where one side has to give way to the other side.  I finally had a confrontation at one of these this week, and it scared the crap out of me.  I was on the non-give way side but stopped anyway!
  • The intersections all have a million little street signs telling you which way and how far away the nearest towns are.  They look like something you would see in the movies.
  • In some cars, the blinkers are on the left hand side.  This causes me to turn on the windshield wipers instead of signaling (which they call indicating).  It’s probably this way in the US too, but I never noticed.


Word Usage


  • If a horse is being naughty or out of control they call it a mongrel.  I laughed hysterically the first time I heard this.
  • If a horse is rearing and won’t go forward, they call it napping.
  • They say “do you reckon?” a lot.
  • Sometimes instead of saying “you’re welcome,” they say “that’s alright.”
  • Ketchup is called tomato sauce.
  • They call 30 minutes past the hour half the hour (Ex: 6:30 is half six.).
  • McDonalds is called Mackers.
  • Cookies are called biscuits.
  • Candy is called lollies.
  • The gas station is called the petrol station. (Gas is $2.08/liter.)
  • Sometimes they call dinner “tea” which is really confusing.
  • The 4-wheeler is called a motor bike.
  • What we call trucks, they call utes (sounds like yute).
  • A horse trailer is called a float.
  • Dressers are called drawers.



  • They don’t have Jimmy Johns or Taco Bell.
  • Tim Tams are the best cookies ever.
  • Their energy drink is called V and they have a flavor that tastes like the best juice ever.
  • They have Kit Kats that are 3 big squares that have fillings over the wafer part like caramel or cookies and cream.
  • All of their candy is pretty much different.  They do not have Take 5’s which is a tragedy.
  • They sell meat and cheese pies at the gas stations that are really good.
  • Milo is the greatest hot drink ever.  It is kind of like chocolate milk but it is made of malted barley and chocolate.  It keeps you feeling full and tastes so good!
  • They drink tea or coffee a lot.  We have a machine that just makes hot water for drinks at the yard and have tea breaks.  If I drank tea or coffee as much as everyone does here, I would never sleep.
  • They eat everything with sauce (tomato sauce, satay sauce, sausage sauce, etc.)
  • Thai food, Indian food, and Asian food are common take aways, instead of Mexican food.




  • The whole country really does look like Lord of the Rings.  It is just breath taking.
  • There are huge areas of the country that are owned and bought just to grow trees.  They plant different sections and cut the trees down every 30 years.  Apparently some people buy land and then use the money they make off of the trees for retirement.
  • There are cows everywhere.  They are all grass fed and get rotated around to different pastures using motorbikes and cattle dogs.
  • New Zealand produces a pretty big percentage of the world’s milk (considering there are only 4 million people on the islands).
  • Rugby and cricket are a big deal.  They also have a game called net ball that is really popular, but I’ve never seen it played.
  • They vacation to Fiji and Hawaii like we go to Mexico or a Caribbean island.
  • They downtown areas look totally different than ours.  They have super wide sidewalks, and they are completely covered by a roof that extends out of the store fronts.  If it’s raining, you don’t get wet!
  • They have a lot more cute clothes stores that are cheap.

I’m sure I’ll have to do a second edition of this because there are many things I can’t think of right now!


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